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Cream Cleanser

Cream Cleanser

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This soothing cleanser emulsifies daily impurities and excess oil to help leave your skin thoroughly nourished and hydrated. It's super hydrating and suitable for most skin types, including some sensitive skin conditions, and not surprisingly, our number one selling product.


Our popular cream cleanser is based on the powerful abilities of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, which offers impressive benefits to the skin because it moisturisers, cools and repairs with a mix of vitamins and Folic Acid.


A potent blend enriched with Certified Organic Chamomile Flower Extract, Certified Organic Rose Flower Oil and our unique botanical BHA source Willow Bark Extract.


Hydrate and soothe your skin every day with this popular product. Even if you're prone to more oiler skin, you can swap the cream cleanser out every now and then with the foam cleanser or lactic gel cleanser. 


Size: 200ml Skin: normal, dry, mature, sensitive

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  • Use a small amount of Cream Cleanser and massage gently over face and neck. Rinse well with warm water. Follow with Toner and recommended Serum and Moisturizer.

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