Guasha Tourmaline

Guasha Tourmaline

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The Crystal Gua Sha is a secret that belongs to the ancient world. Now that it is getting mainstream again, it has taken every region by storm.

This Gua Sha is designed to embrace each and every curve of the face very gently, in order to naturally enhance the circulation of blood, removing any sort of excess fluids.

If you consider the Tourmaline crystal, you would know that it carries the property of connecting users to the earth and grounding them.

Based on modern research, when Tourmaline is rubbed or heated, it becomes charged electrically. One end of this crystal gets charged positively, while the other end gets charged negatively.

As a result of this, it increases circulation, bringing color to one’s face.
According to scientific research, Gua Sha is capable of increasing the skin microcirculation by more than 400 percent.

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